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Feb. 7th, 2007

still pregnant.


Feb. 1st, 2007

I've hit another milestone.

Every time something big in my life happens, I create a new LiveJournal.
& God, I don't even know why I do it. Because I know months down the road I will look back at this one & read every single entry in it, & laugh or cry. I can relate the boyfriends that I had in the past with what LiveJournal name I was using at that time. & I'd really like to stop changing journals. I'm sure this is the biggest things that I will ever go through, & one of the most rewarding. Motherhood. On top of moving actually away from Georgia, & also being a wife. Nothing will be changing about the journal, as far as my writing style goes. Most of everything will end up being friends-only. & after February 20th there will be a ton of pictures being posted, probably daily of Madison.

So starting now, even though she isn't here yet, I've moved journals... again. Though it's something simple & completely irrelevant to life I just need to know I have everything set up & ready to go. That way when I can get a second to come to the computer & post about her birth when it happens, or something cute she's done that day... I know I can do so without sitting in front of the computer for an hour trying to find a screen name that hasn't already been taken,or some bull crap of confirming the account... whatever. Everything is taken care of.

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~Elizabeth Stone

add me, i'm sure & i'll add you back.

Jan. 30th, 2007

YES! 39 weeks.

1cm is enough to make me a happy girl! And, I'm 60% effaced. :D

A long way off from labor still. But hey! It's a start! & I'm optimistic! I'm also craving Cheeto's, yeah! & some kool-aid. I'm excited for once in my life about my life. Hah! I wonder how many people are getting jealous now, & fired up & ready to talk some shit because of it. I can't wait to hold Madison for the first time & see Brett holding her the first time. I can't wait to start a new life. Ear to ear, I'm smiling. & no "shit talking" jealousy is going to take away this perfection in my life right now. Good try though. Keep on tryin'!

One week left to go.

Jan. 29th, 2007


I've started to notice how insanely drawn to yellow I am. It's a little weird because I don't think I've ever owned a piece of yellow clothing in my life. I don't know. I think it'd throw off my complexion or something & make me look morbidly sick if I wore it since I'm so pale... BUT maybe that'll change too when we are in Florida.

I'm bored so I'm looking through clothing online & drooling. Mainly Delia's, Forever21, American Apparel, & Old Navy. I mean - I've been deprived of cute clothing for the past how ever many months & all this cute shit is giving me a heart attack. & I want it!Collapse )\

ANYWAYS. Now that's over with, back to cleaning. I'm so hungry.
8 days [give or take] left to go. Doctors appointment tomorrow at 1pm. :D

Jan. 27th, 2007


I'm insanely sick. My throat itches & hurts so bad. My head is pounding, & my nose is always either pouring or stopped up. I keep making gross sick noises in a fit to gasp for air. My back is aching around my shoulders [which I refuse to believe is from pregnancy, since it just happened recently.] All I want to do is sleep this sickness away, but I can't. & Brett's got it too now, thanks to me.

I just had a horrible dream, luckily Brett's mom called the house & that woke me up. It's one of those dreams that makes you not ever want to fight with someone ever, ever, ever again due to what happened in the dream afterwards. Especially because in the fight the argument was your fault. Anyways, my nose is driving me crazy.

& If anyone wants a cat, or knows someone who wants a cat... Let someone who lives in this apartment know, asap. We've been calling her "cat." She's made our apartment our home whether we wanted her here or not. :) She's really really well tempered & a good nuzzler. Black with orange spots on her, very vocal, & very smart. ALSO LITTER BOX TRAINED!

Most importantly she just needs a nice loving home.
Picture of Cat.Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2007


12 days left to go.

Pregnancy definitely opened my eyes about a lot of things, I'm sure I probably will miss it when everything is over & done. Looking at Madison wishing she was back inside me time to time, I'm sure. Haha. A lot of people stuck through it with me that I never had imagined would be here, then again a lot of people who I had expected to stand by my side turned their shoulder & left. I guess in the past 38 weeks I've learned who's actually worth my time.

I feel really unprepared for labor&delivery. Maybe I should have taken a class.

Jan. 23rd, 2007


My cervix has a little dimple! Meaning I'm starting to dilate, not quiet at 1cm. & I am 20% effaced. Meaning Madison is going to come right on time, & no sooner. Unless there's a dramatic change in my cervix, haha. 38 weeks today, 14 days left. Morning sickness has reappeared ??? And she has dropped! Also, I somehow lost 2 pounds even after eating a million cupcakes at the baby shower, which really turned out great!!!

My lips are chapped. Everybody Loves Raymond is on, & Brett has summoned me to the living room.

Jan. 15th, 2007


TOMORROW = 37 weeks. 3 weeks (give or take) left to go.

"37 weeks
You are probably not seeing much change in the size of your tummy now, and your weight should be close to the maximum that your health care provider predicted or recommended. You can expect your caregiver to perform a pelvic exam around this time to help determine the progress of your pregnancy and better judge your due date.


Your due date is so close that you could easily deliver at any time! Chances are very good that delivering from this week on, your baby will be healthy. Take a deep breath…labor, delivery and motherhood will all be amazing and wonderful experiences!

Baby's weight continues to increase, reaching around 6.5 pounds (3.2 kg) now. While baby is about 21 inches (53 cm) long, his limbs and tummy are all growing rounder and chubbier every day. His skin is less wrinkly now and most of the redness has turned to a hue that reflects your baby’s ethnic heritage. By this time, most babies descend down into your pelvis, head first, getting ready for birth. In about 3% of pregnancies, babies turn in the other direction, a situation known as a breech presentation. If this is the case for your baby, don’t worry since this often changes—sometimes just hours before labor!"

&&We decided against the pink Mary Ann travel system. We got the Passage 530 travel system in Orchard. I like this one a lot better, I'm more drawn to color. & just in case we have a little boy along the lines he can use the same TS, & we won't have to spend more moneyyyyy.

I have another doctors appointment tomorrow, hopefully I'll hear more good news. I had a lot of painful cramping last night, & two or three contractions that just about startled the pants off of me. Also a little bit of lower back pain. Maybe they'll tell me I'm starting to dilate and that she'll be here on time. :D
I'm going to really miss her in my tummy though, I guess that sounds odd. I love putting my hand on my stomach and feeling her kick & roll around. Also because I know she's safe in my stomach, & nothing can hurt her while she's in there.

The baby shower is on Saturday, & I'm getting anxious. Actually, I'm just anxious for anything exciting to happen. This year will be gooooooood.
Make sure you RSVP.

Jan. 13th, 2007


I feel great.

Yesterday after I got off work I noticed I have still had a lot of energy & the swelling in my feet didn't bother me like they normally do, which was weird. Normally I work 3 or 4 hour days, but I worked 6 hours & didn't feel uncomfortable or anything. I got home and Andi & I went to Quizno's, then to target. She bought Maddie a bunch of cuuute things :D.
I seem to be drawn to jungle animals. Zoo animals, perhaps. Elephants, giraffes, hippo's... I love clothing with those things on them. It's too cute, if you ask me.

Brett's parents are out looking at strollers right now, I think we've all settled on the Graco Passage 540 - Mary Ann. It's a travel system, & I really like travel systems. It's like a two for one, pretty much. This is the one we've decided on: travel system.Collapse )

I've got to finish cleaning now, Brett & I are going to the mountain to walk around [maybe I'll go into labor!] J/k ;D I really want to play with Melissa's new baby. My hormones are going wild right now, every time I see a baby I have to tickle it & tell him/her how cute she/he is. I get a "you're crazy" look from the parent [& baby]... But I can't help it. Cleaning time!

Jan. 12th, 2007

Bebe clothes & stuff.

I took these with a crappy webcam so picture quality is seriously horrible.
but hey, the stuff is still cute.

Pictures of Madison's cute stuff!!Collapse )

so, as you can see... I'm determined to find cute things for her that aren't just pink. i think blue on baby girls is the cutest thing in the world, and i looooove love love orange and bright bright yellow. - as long as its girly enough maybe people won't thing i have a little boy. :D
pink is still in though, because i mean... you've just GOT to. but other things are nice sometimes as apposed to always sticking your little girl in peptobismol colored clothing. i seem to have a little bit more energy today than i have in....god knows how long. i worked 6 hours today, maybe that's why. i heard a rumor that i may be about to get laid off, not cool. I'll just act like i didn't hear it, and work my ass off as best as i can.

&&now, Quizno's with Andi.

Jan. 11th, 2007

More baby.

Basically the doctor said everything looks perfect, and that Madison can come anytime from now on out. "We'd like it if she'd stay in for another week and a half, but if she starts to come now - we won't stop her." The 16th is my next appointment and they're going to check my cervix. I guess I'm at that phase now where tons of doctors are going to be touching my no-no spot. That's cool, I guess... As long as I keep hearing good news.

Invitations for the baby shower went out, & a few people told me they've gotten them. Make sure you do RSVP to them so everyone knows exactly how much food to get and what not. If you need directions or the address so you can map quest it just ask when you call. If you don't get the invitation & you actually want to come, then let me know.

My feet look like balloons, they're so swollen.
&I'm long past due for a nap, so I'm going to jump on that.

Jan. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

36 weeks today, only 28 days [give or take] left to go.

i want my body & my sex life back! seriously. hahah. sexual activities have become quiet a task for me lately, even just holding myself up. poor brett, only a few weeks left now... and then i get to go through recovery time. uggghhh. tomorrow is going to be quiet a day. gymboree has me working 24.5 hours this week, finally!! and i have a doctors appointment, so i'll update again when i get home from work & everything.

brett collapsed last night. & when i say collapsed i mean, he fell backwards & hit the towel rack, then fell to the side and completely knocked off the hot water knob on the bathtub with his shoulder and landed head & shoulder down in the bathtub with his arms draped over the side of the tub and his knees bent. i ran in the bathroom to see what happened, because i heard several loud noises, & there he was. i said brett 4 or 5 times frantically & no answer - he started shaking almost like a seizure - i shrieked brett one more time and he started to lean up, i helped him to his knees. he didn't remember any of it. i made him lay down and made a 4am phone call to his mom. that scared me completely to death. i mean, he's 6'5" ... that's a pretty long fall. i'm just glad he's okay. he kind of bit his tongue & has a little spot on his head and back, other than that he seems to fine.

tonight he woke me up and gave me a rose, randomly. it was so cute. speaking of brett, i'm long past due for some serious cuddling & i'm cold... & the bed is warm. goodnight.

Jan. 5th, 2007


32 days until Madison's here.

Melissa Smith finally had her baby!!
Amazing.Collapse )

MY baby on the other hand couldn't get here any sooner. My hips are so fat, my nipples are so sore, and my stomach feel so tight. I just keep trying to remind myself that it'll all be worth it.

Also, I'm really excited. Last night I asked Brett's mom if she'd like to fill spot number three in the room while I'm in labor. She squealed out a yes, & said "invitation taken, I'll be there!" That made me feel really good, I hope she can make it from Florida to here in time. Haha.

The Hope Center gave me a "goody bag" full of baby things for Madison. I have her hospital bag packed already. I keep touching all her clothes & blankets & waiting, waiting, waiting. Also, I got a Nine West diaper bag. Mm-hmm, Momma's still got fashion.

Baby shower invitations are going out today. (I'm pretty sure, at least.)

Jan. 2nd, 2007

35 weeks.

35 weeks today, 35 days to go.

A good friend of mine since elementary school is due on the 8th, she's done just about everything to try to induce herself... other than Castor oil. I have a doctors appointment today, & I'm on call at work. I haven't worked since Christmas Eve, which really ticks me off considering David promised when he hired me to give me 10-15 hours a week. I'm only getting like 3 or 4. I really have nothing interesting to write about, I just wanted to make an entry.

& Happy New Years.

Something sensible...
New Years resolutions? Finally get my GED, maintain a good relationship with family, & spend as much time with them as possible.

Dec. 19th, 2006

Head against the sky.

Madison weighs 4 pounds and 3 ounces according to ultrasound. I'm 33 weeks today. 7 weeks left!

She's somehow managed to lose that cute little button nose of hers. We have our fingers crossed that it was just a flaw in the image of her profile. It's no longer round, it's more like... Brett's ;] I want nothing more than to go shopping for Madison today. I have $60 in "mommy money" though, & that's it, so I have to go to the baby store that the Hope Center owns to spend it.

Last night Brett & I watched Ice Age: The Meltdown. It was insanely cute, and we ate caramel apple pop corn... Which was really... really good.

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